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Adoption back on

Written March 16, 2003

Well, after talking some things out my husband and I have put the adoption plans back on track with some change in timeline. At least it is not hanging indefinitely anymore.

The change we compromised on is to wait three months to begin homestudy which will put us applying to our agency sometime around July, 1. In the mean time, we will wrap up a pending lawsuit, finish repairing our home (due to a break-in/ robbery, which the lawsuit is over) and take a breather before diving so deep.

Apparently this three month period makes all the difference to him as he has been overwhelmed lately. Here’s the kicker, and you might want to prepare to take notes.

Pen and paper ready? Here it comes!

We do not qualify for the length of marriage requirement for,…you got it,…three months. Soooooo,….we were originally on this timeline anyway! But I did not bother to point this out to him as we’re revamping our timeline. In effect, I am on the same timeline, nothing lost, and he *thinks* he has three more months which is a very much needed relief for him.

All this emotional muck for nothing. *argggggh* Men! Can’t live with ’em! Can’t have sex without ’em,…well actually you can, but work with me here to make a point

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