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On second thought, it IS his story

I was reading some of my old posts today on a forum that I posted on when I started researching adoption. I was appalled to find that I had posted the following in respect to a question about sharing Birth Family information. *embarassed*

“I plan to be very open with my adopted son, as well as my family and friends. I don’t feel that I need to save it for him, before I tell everyone else if that is what you are feeling.

I certainly respect anyone’s approach in dealing with the issue, but I personally find that it being open and out there will provide a nice segue in discussing it with our child. I don’t plan to announce her information, but to those who feel close enough to ask I will be open to telling them what I know. My family believes that it matters not if a child is born of the womb, or of the heart but before a child is ever conceived he/she is destined to be with their family even if it requires someone birthing them who is not intended to be their mother.”

I have come a long way since actually taking the first steps toward adoption and I no longer ascribe to those thoughts. My son’s story is his story and I do not share with anyone outside our home. I am grateful that I came to that conclusion before our son joined our family. I can’t believe I was such a ding dong to think otherwise at some misinformed point in my life.

Everything is wrong with my thoughts at that time. Everything. I have learned and changed so much in the past 4 years since starting our adoption journey. Thank goodness.

Live. Learn. Grow.

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