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Birth Sibling Communication CH. 1

thinkingThis is very early in our story but I wanted to start sharing my thoughts and feelings about a potentially life changing event in our lives. If it pans out it would be a very positive and welcomed change.

I received an email this morning from a woman who saw my entry on the Guatemala Birth Sibling Registry. Our families have a possible match with our sons. After I returned a message my internet service went Kapoohey and I am just getting back on after several hours. I hope they are as anxious to continue looking into this possibility as I am. My isp downtime about drove me nuts wondering “have they emailed me back yet?”

I do know that Kiwi had an older sibling in Guatemala that was living with extended family members. It would be wonderful for him to have contact with some of his biological family. I’m not sure it will ever be possible to establish contact with other family members, including his biological mother, but any family contact is welcomed and wanted.

5 years ago I never realized how important biological family contact would be for us, but here I am. Pining. Hoping. Waiting for answers.

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