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I’m Black Too

Today at work I was talking with our HR director about all the discrimination lawsuits we have had lately for racial discrimination against blacks (totally not true and we have yet to lose one). The HR director says “Queen, you know we always win because I am the one who OK’s firing them and I’m black.” To which I reply, “Well I’m black too and they aren’t suing US they are suing the COMPANY.” She gets this look on her face that clearly communicates that she thinks I am crazy, I start explaining the difference between us as people and us as actors on behalf of the company (thinking she is really dumb because she looks like she really does not get what I am saying). Finally she interrupts my scholarly diatribe and says “Queen, you know you are White right?!”

Oh yeah. Since adopting Stink I tend to forget that. The way I identify myself is as the the mother of a black child. Black children, necessarily have black mommas. Its simple genetics. Wow. How odd is it that it is so easy for me to forget that I am white and he is black? I’m still not sure if its good or bad. Just an interesting phenomenon, so I thought I would share.

Its also a nice object lesson in how we see ourselves versus how the world sees us. I can still remember the first time in college when someone told me that I would not understand since I was one of the pretty and popular crowd. They really meant it. I never looked at myself that way. I always thought I was the nerdy fat chick. I never self identified as pretty or popular. But I was more than happy to!

At work I am a white mom. That’s how they identify me. I no longer self identify with that group. And I guess I am more than happy to self identify as a black momma. Even if I am the only one who sees it!




  1. Posted January 30, 2007 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    Funny and heartwarming actually. lol

    Isn’t it amazing how closely we identify with our loved ones, in particular our beloved children?

    transracial international adoptive mom
    bio mom

  2. annabanana103
    Posted January 31, 2007 at 12:30 pm | Permalink

    QueenJ, that is a wonderful tribute to you and your unconditional love for your child! A lesson in race/religion/pregudice…it all does not matter. Love is what matters and transcends all else! Thanks for the heartwarming story!

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