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Can you hear me Part 4

dancing shoesSo I am sitting in my rocking chair nursing my 2 day old precious baby, loving life as a new mom when it happens. God speaks to me. His timing is really funny sometimes. He tells me that if I want my girl I am going to have to go find her. WHAT??? NOW??? You have got to be kidding me!

At first I was not sure what He meant. I mean, where was I going to find a girl? I prayed a lot after that day and soon realized that He meant adoption. Oh, the excitement I felt. But, it was mixed with alot of other feelings because I was pretty busy with 3 little boys to care for. I decided that any plans for an adoption would have to wait, and that if this is what He wanted us to do he would lead us in the right direction in His timing.

puzzle18 months went by and nothing. I did not think much more about it and I was pretty content with my life. But every once in a while the thought of His words would creep back into my mind and I would daydream about a daughter. It was very confusing because I was really content and at peace with my role as mom to 3 boys. In fact, I was loving my life and was not sure I wanted to change a thing. My husband and I started to seriously talk about adoption, and what that would mean for our family. The more we talked about it the more excited/scared I got. After a lot of time in prayer we decided to take the first steps and call an agency. That first call was day one of our long, exciting journey.



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  1. connie
    Posted October 9, 2008 at 7:41 am | Permalink

    Is there a part 5 to the rest of the story,


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