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About Us

We are parents who grew our families through adoption. Some of us adopted domestically, some internationally, some transracially, some of our families consist of biological children and adopted children. We have a plethora of experience, family joys and the not-so-fun responsibilities of parenting to share.


Introducing the crew:

I am a bio mom to 3 boys and adoptive mom to my beautiful daughter. After 3 boys I felt called by God to complete my family with a little girl through the miracle of adoption. She was born in Guatemala and came home to her forever family at 14 months old. Our household is loud and busy, filled with boys playing dart tag, foosball in the middle of our living room, and a little girl who tries hard, and does well at keeping up with all the commotion! I am so blessed to have the privilege of raising my children and am excited to share experiences from our crazy casa!

I’m an adoptive mom and bio mom but the kids just call me mom. We have an adult bio daughter and a 3 year old son who was adopted from Guatemala. He was refered at only a few weeks of age and joined our family at 5 months old. He was relinquished at birth and spent the first 5 months of his life in private foster care in Guatemala. We were able to visit him during the process of his adoption and were allowed to keep him with us when were were in Guatemala. Our third trip was planned just right and we were able to make it his homecoming. Kiwi arrived in the US in January of 2003.

I’m a mom who is forming a family with my husband through adoption. We tried many years of fertility treatments and finally learned we would be unable to have biological children. The minute we learned this, I was ready to move on to adoption. I had known in my heart for over a year biological children were not in the cards for us. It took DH a little longer to accept that. We have been with DD since her birth in March ’06. She’s the light of our lives and we hope and pray that we can afford to adopt again one day to add to our family and bless DD with the same joy we have of being a sibling. Enjoy!

I am the mom to a beautful and incredible 2 year old son who came to our family through domestic adoption. We are part of an open adoption that includes the not only our son’s birth parents, but also the extended families on both sides. Our extended families also include family adoptions, foster care, and International adoptions, so adoption has always been a part of our lives.

I am a bio mom and adoptive mom to 2 children. Bug is my biological chld and has a serious recessive genetic disability. She is 8. Stink, my son, was adopted as a three day old infant. His birthmom lives in my town but it is a closed adoption. He is biracial and officially turned us into a transracial family. I live with my occasionally wonderful hubby and two cats. I would like a pile of kids. Hub usually wishes we had just 1 and alternates which one he would want based on their outlandish behavior. I also have 4 sibs adopted from Vietnam. So adoption is the normal way to have a family in my family. I am also a volunteer lawyer for children in the foster care system. I look forward to sharing the story of the journey to Stink as well as sharing the journey to the remainder of our children with you (realizing that it may just be years of me wishing and hoping for more children).

I’m an adoptive mom in a multi-racial household. Adopting didn’t make it that way, but it did continue the theme! Babygirl is 1 and we are wanting to adopt two more children in the future. TheMan is my loving hubby and best friend. Jenuine is our daughter’s bmom. We’re in an open adoption and still trying to find our balance. Communication is free and fluid and we hope it continues to be so.


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