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Author Archives: queenj

I’m Black Too

Today at work I was talking with our HR director about all the discrimination lawsuits we have had lately for racial discrimination against blacks (totally not true and we have yet to lose one). The HR director says “Queen, you know we always win because I am the one who OK’s firing them and I’m […]

In the beginning there was just one, part 2 and 3

Some of my friends struggled with the loss of the dream of adopting when they became pregnant. Not ME!!! I just wanted more children, preferably a whole pile. The method really did not matter. Because of my daughter’s condition I was automatically high risk. Got my first level 2 ultrasound at 7 weeks. Of course […]

In the Beginning There Was Just One

  Bug was conceived on our wedding night almost 10 years ago. I was 26 and never wanted kids. I wanted to be a big powerful rich lawyer. I was beyond shocked to find out I was pregnant from the one and only time I ever had unprotected sex. Just shocked. I was a dedicated […]