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Can you hear me Part 4

So I am sitting in my rocking chair nursing my 2 day old precious baby, loving life as a new mom when it happens. God speaks to me. His timing is really funny sometimes. He tells me that if I want my girl I am going to have to go find her. WHAT??? NOW??? You […]

Can you hear me Part 3

Oh the guilt! Here I was pregnant with a perfectly healthy baby and all I could do was be sad because it was a boy. What choice did I have but to stuff my feelings deep inside myself, where nobody would know how I was feeling. I was so scared that people would think I […]

More on can you hear me

I spent the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy on pins and needles waiting for my ultrasound to tell me if I was having a girl.  When the day finally came, I felt like my entire emotional self was lying on that table for the entire world to see.  My sonogram tech was an ass, […]

Can you hear me?

People say that God answers prayers but not usually in the way we ask, and always in a way that is best for us.  I have heard this from the first day of my Christian walk.  I remember sitting in church listening to people tell of amazing stories about how the Lord had answered their prayers in a way […]