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Triad Discussion, Learn and Grow

OUR SANCTUARY LOGOAt long last, I talk with a group of women who have relinquished children and Adopted Adults that seem truly interested in sharing with me in a non hey-you-onery-good-for-nothing-baby-stealer manner and, get this, hearing me as well. Despite their pain they treat me with utmost respect and offer to discuss issues with me and answer questions I might have.

I have always wanted this resource and now I have it at my keystroking fingertips. I have been welcomed to conversations with open arms and I in return have embraced theses ladies.

OUR SANCTUARY LOGOI have also had the great fortune of meeting a group of adopted adults who extend respectful conversation.

I have learned so much about adoption and relinquishment since adopting my child and it is important to me to continue learning and growing. I feel there is much reform needed in the adoption community and I now have a resource for learning that is welcoming of me as an adoptive parent.

If you too are looking for a place where you feel comfortable keep looking until you find what you need. Needs are unique and what is good for one may not be good for another. Keep googling until you find your home.

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