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Triad Discussion, Learn and Grow

At long last, I talk with a group of women who have relinquished children and Adopted Adults that seem truly interested in sharing with me in a non hey-you-onery-good-for-nothing-baby-stealer manner and, get this, hearing me as well. Despite their pain they treat me with utmost respect and offer to discuss issues with me and answer […]

Can you hear me Part 3

Oh the guilt! Here I was pregnant with a perfectly healthy baby and all I could do was be sad because it was a boy. What choice did I have but to stuff my feelings deep inside myself, where nobody would know how I was feeling. I was so scared that people would think I […]

The eff word

What did I tell you? Boys will be boys! When I picked Kiwi up from school today the teacher asked to have a word with me. I could tell by her, ehmm, tone that it was not good. Poor thing, she looked whooped so I did enter into this “word” with pity for her. But […]

Boys will be boys

We decided not to try and influence our son about likes and dislikes. We weren’t going to encourage him to play sports, play with bugs, stomp in mud puddles, play with trucks unless he first showed interest. We just wanted him to be him whatever that was going to be. How in the heck did […]

I want another child. No I don’t.

There are alot of years between my two children. My oldest child is grown, my youngest is a toddler. When our son was visified and joined our family I was happier than I had ever been in my life however, I longed to have another child for his sake and mine. I wanted him to […]

More on the beginning

This was written on March 22, 2006..  (I will eventually write in current times, promise!) Sunday (March 5th) I was in such a cranky mood. Finally resigned to the fact that she wouldn’t be here until Friday when B was going to be induced. I didn’t want to call B because I knew if I […]

Reflecting on Stan’s effect on our family

  It has been raining all day today, something I used to enjoy especially on weekends as I found the sound of rain calming. It made for a relaxing weekend to listen to the rain, relax and veg. Now I cringe and enter a state of anything but relaxation. Rain nowreminds me of a devastating […]

The Rose Seller

The Rose Seller is a movie about colombian street kids and the actors are not actors. Rather the director, columbian himself, just pulled children off the street and asked to let him film them. I haven’t been able to get the movie out of my mind and have been researching since, looking for groups that […]

Let’s get this party started!

Hello World!  Welcome to By Land or Sea: Adoption Stories We are parents who grew our families through adoption. Some of us adopted domestically, some internationally, some transracially, some of our families consist of biological children and adopted children. We have a plethora of experience, family joys and the not-so-fun responsibilities of parenting to share.