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Birth Sibling Communication CH. 3

It appears that the family who contacted me about our adopted children possible being related will not be returning communication further. Once we determined that our children were not brothers they have been uncommunicative. I am saddened as I was hoping for one biologically related person to be in Kiwi’s life. So disappointed. If they […]

Triad Discussion, Learn and Grow

At long last, I talk with a group of women who have relinquished children and Adopted Adults that seem truly interested in sharing with me in a non hey-you-onery-good-for-nothing-baby-stealer manner and, get this, hearing me as well. Despite their pain they treat me with utmost respect and offer to discuss issues with me and answer […]

Adoption Home Study Gone Wild!

Our daughter, who was 15 at the time of our home study may have been the most anxious famly member about bringing a baby into our home. She was on cloud nine about it, and decided to put in applications in our area for a job so she could buy her little brother “cool” clothes, […]

Birth Sibling Communication CH. 2

Ah. Finally heard back from the other family. It seems unlikely that our children have the same biological mother but there is enough matching information to indicate that they could be related. Possibly cousins? I had held out hope that Kiwi’s bio mother was still alive and I hoped overnight that this would lead to […]

Birth Sibling Communication CH. 1

This is very early in our story but I wanted to start sharing my thoughts and feelings about a potentially life changing event in our lives. If it pans out it would be a very positive and welcomed change. I received an email this morning from a woman who saw my entry on the Guatemala […]

Adoption No Nos and Yes Yeses

My attitude and opinions on adoption have changed since first considering adding to our family by adopting a child. Most of my changes have occured since our son. I was going over some old posts recently to stir memories of my journey and it was an eye opening experience to see where I was then […]

The eff word

What did I tell you? Boys will be boys! When I picked Kiwi up from school today the teacher asked to have a word with me. I could tell by her, ehmm, tone that it was not good. Poor thing, she looked whooped so I did enter into this “word” with pity for her. But […]

Boys will be boys

We decided not to try and influence our son about likes and dislikes. We weren’t going to encourage him to play sports, play with bugs, stomp in mud puddles, play with trucks unless he first showed interest. We just wanted him to be him whatever that was going to be. How in the heck did […]

I want another child. No I don’t.

There are alot of years between my two children. My oldest child is grown, my youngest is a toddler. When our son was visified and joined our family I was happier than I had ever been in my life however, I longed to have another child for his sake and mine. I wanted him to […]

Reflecting on Stan’s effect on our family

  It has been raining all day today, something I used to enjoy especially on weekends as I found the sound of rain calming. It made for a relaxing weekend to listen to the rain, relax and veg. Now I cringe and enter a state of anything but relaxation. Rain nowreminds me of a devastating […]